History of the Morelli M200.

Nice picture of the cockpit section during the pre production/design fase.

M200/Morelli CVT M-200


Designed as a training and competition two-seat glider. Classic wood and fabric construction methods were used. The prototype was realized in 1960-1964 in Italy. first flown on May, 1964.

59 M-200s were produced under licence by C.A.R.M.A.N. S.A, Moulins, France, from 1966 to 1972.

4 gliders were completed by Avionautica RIO, Sarnico, Italy.

One original Italian build glider is undergoing restauration in Italy at the moment.

The M-200 glider took part at several Italian Championships and holds several Italian and French national records.

Today the M-200 is the retro/vintage glider of the future, and will form a different breed amongst the vintage glider comunity. Due to its late development, and its less colourfull history, it is not a popular vintage glider to preserve for the future.

However, its good flight caracteristics and easy handling makes it a very attractive glider to use regulary.

Due to its heavy wings it is not an attractive glider to rig too frequently!

Worldwide there are about 10 gliders still airworthy, and many more in storage, scrapped or abandoned by their previous owners.

The PH-1513 (ex F-CDKT ex BGA2978 EVC) is currently the only example present in the Netherlands.

Other examples are flying in the UK, USA, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Danmark, Slovenia and Australia.

Below you find a series of pictures of the construction of the prototype M200.


The tail section as it was before the re-design that took place in a later stadium.

CM-7 and the M200 flying in formation.

The story of Carmam.

The Co-operative of Provisioning and Aeronautical Repair of Material of Moulins (Coopérative d'Approvisionnement et de Réparation de Matériel Aéronautique de Moulins) was founded in April 1958 on the aerodrome of Moulins-Avermes, Mr. Castanier was being appointed as General manager. From 1963 it launched out in the aeronautical construction industry, manufacturing under licence sailplanes Morelli M-100S Mésange and then the Morelli M-200 Foehn. In 1969 the company CARMAM succeeds the Co-operative, Mr. CASTANIER while being appointed Chairman and managing Director. The same year it undertakes the realization of a small series of German sailplanes Libelle. July 26, 1971 Mr. CASTANIER carries out the first flights on the "IMPALA" gliders before it left its workshops. This company established on the aerodrome of Moulins-Avermes, initially manufactured under licence the sailplanes designs conceived in Italy. The single-seater M100 "Mesagne" and the two-seater M200 "FOEHN". Under the impulse of the Jacquet/Pottier team are then produced small sailplanes JP15/34, 15/36 and 15/38 and one composite glider, the JP20/90 Impala.
The Carmam factory no longer exists, but the airfield is still present.